Best #Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $100

Best #Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $100
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Music has a soothing effect not just to our ears but our mind.

Great music always deserves a good speaker, don’t you think so?

Well, here I am not talking about breaking your bank or spending a fortune. There are several budgets oriented Bluetooth Speakers under $100 that totally worth buying.

Since the emergence of technology at a new level, we have small and portable speakers which can be thrown anywhere….

….or taken somewhere whether it is a college trip or family holiday.

Therefore, without wasting your time any further. Here is your list of Best Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers under $100.

The good thing about these speakers is they offer more than being cheap.

So, let’s jump on our list of these fantastic 10 Bluetooth Speakers under hundred dollars range.

  • Wireless technology is the best feature of these speakers that make them convenient to take anywhere and anytime.
  • Small size and an awesome sound is another great thing about these speakers that can start a party anywhere.
  • “Portable” which means carry them anywhere and it means a great deal especially when you are travelling with friends. Easily keep it in your bag and use it even if you are partying in remote areas.

The Cons

  • Mediocre sound quality – If you are peculiar about the music sound quality then portable Bluetooth speaker may not interest you much.
  • Battery life and charging – Since they are portable which means you have to charge them as well without forgetting.

But, hey the benefits of Bluetooth portable speakers outweigh its drawbacks.

Braven 570

It is not possible to not to include this fantastic speaker in this list which definitely values for money. The unique feature about this speaker is it also serve as the power bank.

Yes, you can charge your phone as well with this Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, it comes in colours like – Blue, Black, Purple, White and Red and Green.

On both sides of the module, both the microphone and speakers are sealed inside the grille.

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JJBL is one of the trendy names in speaker’s category that keeps updating its product line with cool and quality oriented speakers.

And JBL Clip is another great name to add to the list.

Under the category of $100, it is probably the best Bluetooth speaker to shell your money that not just offer the portability but also good audio quality.

It is that small that you can easily fit it in your handbag or just drop it in your pocket.

The speakers also feature 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to plug your headphones. Moreover, this speaker weighs just 200 grammes.

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#8. Anker A3143

Anker A3143

When it comes to Anker products, then I am a big fan of its product line. Though, it does not mean that I will be biased towards Anker A3143 ranking on this list.

The best part about the speaker is its elegant design, and in the category of under $100 speakers, it is a premium addition.

It comes with micro USB charging cable and generic 3.5mm audio cable. Moreover, it is designed for a small rugby shape ball, which has square ends.

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#7. Anker Soundcore Sport XL

Anker SoundCore

Disclaimer – This speaker is said to be portable, but when it comes to weight (which is 1.8 pounds), it is not so easy to move.

Now, you may be thinking what makes it so unique, right?

Well, it is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof that makes it this heavy. Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker is IP67 certified.

It can be quickly charged under 3 hours and has a playback time of 15 hours. At the back of the speaker there are two passive woofers, and in front, there are 8W stereo drivers. Both drives the total 16W of output.

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# 6. VAVA Voom 21

VAVA Voom 21

You must have heard about VAVA Voom 20, well it has a successor now, which is called “Voom 21”.

If you do not know much about this brand, then remember that VAVA Voom is known for its great music details and excellent hardware.

Now, if we talk about VAVA Voom 21 then it comes with 2x Passive radiators at the back, 1x subwoofer and 2x Tweeter.

Due to the rubber presence at the base VAVA Voom 21 offers excellent grip on every surface.

The top surface of the speaker features handy buttons including – Volume up and Volume down, NFC Chip. Play/Pause, Bluetooth and Power.

There is also LED indicator next to the power button to show how much battery is left.

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#5. Sony SRS X2

Sony SRSX2

If you are a fan of Sony and looking for Bluetooth speaker under $00 then I must say Sony SRS X2 is one commendable choice.

Although, in terms of designs and specifications there is no special about it.

The speaker offers great grip to every surface because of the presence of rubber matter on all sides of the speaker except the front, which has a grill.

The sound quality of the speaker is good. However, sometimes the quality differs depending upon the surrounding where you are putting it.

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#4. JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip

It is an amazing piece in the category of Bluetooth speakers with soda can like shape and trendy colours including, blue, green, black and Orange, Pink and Yellow. Moreover, it is a strong contender in this list.

The package contains the speaker and cable that is it!

The best part about this speaker is it brings the “splash proof” covering with it and that fabric includes four primary buttons as well. It has two passive subwoofers on the sides that offer some serious base.

It lasts up to 10 hours max and is powered with 3000mAh battery. If you charge this speaker through socket then it will take somewhere 3 hours to get fully charged.

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#3. Jabra Solemate

Jabra Solemate

Back in 2012, it was Jabra Solemate that started the revolution in Bluetooth speakers.

It comes in six amazing colours – Yellow, white, red, grey, blue and black.

It offers several connectivity options, sturdy built and great looks that make it interesting choice under $100 Bluetooth speakers list.

Like other best speakers, it also provides rubber base that quickly gets stuck on any surface and would not move no matter how big base songs you are playing in it.

Also, it has 3.5mm audio in charging port and connector.

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#2. Jawbone Mini Jambox

Jawbone Mini Jambox

Disclaimer – You may find this speaker mostly $100 online. However, when you shop a little more than it can easily be purchased under hundred dollar.

The entire speaker is designed with a single aluminium enclosure that makes it a robust piece. Moreover, its sound quality is appreciable, and volume is slightly louder compared to Jambox speakers.

You can connect it to your computer and customise the voice prompts as per requirement.

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#1. UE Roll

Warning – You may fall in love with its design!

Well, the only reason of putting this Bluetooth speaker on this list beside it is exact $100 price quote is its quality, built and elegance.

Unique design, waterproof, good battery life, compact and fabulous sound quality for its size makes UE Roll a first rank holder in the list.

As per its price the UE roll is a distinguished piece of Bluetooth speakers that also capable of floating in the water.

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Our Recommendations in Bluetooth Speakers

If you are a music love, then you will never be satisfied with just one sort of music hardware. We understand that you need all right from home theatre to headphones to portable Bluetooth speakers.

However, when it comes to road trips or beach parties or night safaris then playing the Bluetooth speaker can do the wonder.

In a list above of Bluetooth Speakers under $100 you have great options to consider as per your music requirement, personal preference and the budget.

So go ahead and make a choice right away!

If you have any concerns or doubts just drop your message and we will help you out with best possible solution.

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Let’s take a look at Best Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $100 that worth buying for superb sound quality, robust built.

Let’s take a look at Best Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $100 that worth buying for superb sound quality, robust built.

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