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Easy Tricks to Create Backup of Gmail Email Account Data to Hard Drive

Easy Tricks to Create Backup of Gmail Email Account Data to Hard Drive
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Nowadays everyone is having one or more Gmail account. Majority of crowd uses this web-based email application for different purpose. Sometimes, people send their important data via emails like their passwords, bank statements, organization data, etc. Nobody wants to reveal these confidential informations. However, it might be possible that you may loose your data stored in Gmail account. Therefore, it is important to regularly create backup of Gmail account to hard drive. To secure important emails, you need to backup your emails. Moreover, there are various ways available to take backup of your emails.

What Are The Needs to Backup of Gmail Account Emails

Following are the reasons, which demonstrates the need to take backup of Gmail account emails:

  1. Lost Temporary Access:

It may be possible that you temporarily lost access to Gmail emails. It may be due to some issues related to network. In such situation, you are unable to access your emails. Therefore to avoid this problem, there is need to take backup of Gmail account to hard drive in your machine.

  1. Don’t Have Access to Important Emails:

It might be possible that sometimes you lost few emails. They can be your important emails also. Therefore, there is a need to create a backup of Gmail emails to local drive in your machine.

  1. Permanently Lost Access to emails:

You can’t be sure that your important data is secured on cloud or not. There is a possibility that you lose access to emails permanently. It can be possible you may forgot your password and not able recover it. In such situations, you don’t get access to important emails. Your data will be lost permanently and hence, you won’t be recover the data. To avoid this situation, there is need to take backup of Gmail data to hard drive on your system as well.

Different Methods to Create Backup of Gmail Account Data

There are various different ways to take backup of Gmail emails and they are listed below:

Trick 1. Mail Settings in Gmail

This is the another method to create backup of Gmail account to multiple formats after configuring with emails clients. For that, you need to follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account. From the top right corner, click on Settings.
  2. Navigate to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” And click on it.

Enable Pop

  1. Go to POP Download. Select the first option Enable POP for all emails
  2. Click on Save changes.
  3. By following the instruction displayed below, you can now configure any mail client i.e. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., for creating email backup in other mail accounts

Note: Once your mail client is configured remember to open periodically for back up.

Trick 2. Thunderbird

Thunderbird can also be used to backup your emails. Remember, Thunderbird will not back up your sent emails folder. Instructions that are needed to be followed are given below:

  1. First you need to open Thunderbird.
  2. Click on “Display the Thunderbird Menu” at top-right corner. Click on Options >> Account Settings.
  3. Account Settings
  4. At bottom-left, click on “Account Actions” >> Add Mail Account.Add Mail Account
  5. Insert your Gmail user-name and password. Your user-name should be same as Gmail user-name. Click on ContinueMail Account Setup
  6. Thunderbird will automatically download all your emails from source Gmail

Trick 3. Apple Mail

Apple Mail can also be used to backup emails. Instructions which are required to be followed to take backup are:

  1. Sign in to your Apple Mail account.
  2. Click on Mail. Then you need to click on
  3. Go to Accounts Now, to add new account click on + sign in the bottom.
  4. In the Full Name field enter your name.
  5. In the Email Address field you need to enter your Gmail email ID like          user_name@gmail.com. Google App user will use user_name@your_doamin.com.
  6. In Password field enter your Gmail Password.
  7. If using Apple Mail 3.0, check the box next to Automatically set up your account.If using Apple Mail 4.0, skip this step.
  8. Then click

After following the steps mentioned above your Gmail backup is created.

Note: The above mentioned solution will download the emails that appear in your inbox only. Your “Spam” and “Trash” mail will not be downloaded. While performing these operations you have to be patient because these procedures takes time to finish up.

Trick 4. Third Party Tool

Effective and efficient way for creating Gmail backup to hard drive is by using a third party utility i.e., Gmail Backup software. It will create backup of all your messages, contacts, calendars, and documents. The tool exports backup in four commonly used file formats i.e., PST, MSG, EML, and MBOX. As an admin, users can create backup of all users account and accomplish their tasks. One of the add-on advantage of this application is that exports emails along with attachments without changing any attachment’s file format.


This article basically explains the different methods to create backup of Gmail emails to hard drive and other formats. However, in this blog creating Gmail emails backup in Thunderbird and Apple Mail is explained. In last, one third party tool is also suggested which is Gmail Backup tool. This tool takes backup of contacts and calendars separately. It also maintain originality of your documents. This software will help you in solving your issues related to Gmail backup.




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