The Honest Review on xWatch For Kids by the experts

The Honest Review on xWatch For Kids by the experts
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Security for kids or precious ones has become the top priority for parents these days with the number of atrocities against children. Where superb smart communicating systems exist, is there something that may be truly great for parents as well? We spend so much on paying schools in school vans for GPS and their cctv's, but is this enough to protect our children? Should not children have a tool to protect themselves?

In present time all the urban parents are working and leave their apple of eyes in guardianship of a nanny or a maid. However, the question – can you read the criminal intentions? The answer is clearly no. Security of family particularly of children is main stress that chafe parents daily.

Working parents constantly find it almost impossible to focus on their work particularly when their children are out of their sight. This short article is for those parents who are conscious about protection and safety of the lovable children.

Now I would like to introduce another product that I believe would help when your children are at school or playing in the park, while you stay in peace.

xwatch Review

The most intriguing features of xWatch Kids

  • It can track and call with 2G GPRS VTS Data Plan & Calling
  • It can assign landmarks to ensure better security
  • Add Schools not able to guarantee the safety of its students despite the presence of CCTV Cameras and School guards. School GPS systems only monitor the child’s presence at the school.
  • IT can set restricted zones and virtual boundaries; the function known as Geo fencing
  • SOS alarm benefits you receive automatic calls
  • Real-time tracking mode assures constant vigilance
  • It can see time, data, battery power and GSM signal strength on Display screen
  • It can pre-set phone numbers for enable two way calling
  • It can receive alerts and notifications
  • Comes with SOS and Panic alarm button that can send high alert to pre-set phone numbers; It’s a one click operation
  • Multiple xWatch devices can be monitored through a single authorized smartphone
  • Able to save tracking logs of last 30 day
  • Include Xwatch offers Free Lifetime GPS Tracking.

IoTex has offering variety of smart watches to xWatch Children to make certain parents' complete satisfaction. The gadget can please young children and is in a position to give parents a great relief. The gadget appearance is incredibly constructed and superb fashionable; which undoubtedly be an actual secret agent friend when parents are not at home or kids are playing in a playground away residential premises.

Cartoon printed xWatch children can be obtained in two delightful colours - turquoise and pink. So it is available for both baby boy and baby girl. xWatch look is similar to a regular watch that fit the fashion quotient of each child. In many cases nobody can imagine it as a spying watch able to be a greatest security company.

Why you should buy xWatch for your kids?

• Power efficient and work in low power mode

• Made of materials that are safe for kids’ skin

• User-friendly xWatch app is available on Google play store and Apple store. Users can download it from official website

• Small in size so kid can wear it comfortably

• No harmful rays or vibrations, thus safe for kids

• Supports LBS and GPS technologies

• Affordable price just Rs. 3599/-

Instead of calling it a tool for protecting themselves (Kids) it can be a tool for parents to ensure that their children are always connected to them and can contact them to protect themselves from any criminal activity.

Xwatch Kids is a brand new watch show for children by Iotex, this children safety device has GPS connectivity and a calling feature that will keep the kids safe and tracked all time. You will find the log history places of each and every minute utilizing the app and can always check their real time position. The voice communication is two ways, two numbers that are documented can phone the children and vice versa. It is an excellent means additionally without exposing them to the cell phone and to maintain your children out of danger, particularly children who are below 7 years of age.

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