How to add a WordPress blog to Google Console?

How to add a WordPress blog to Google Console?
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Are you a blogger? Then definitely you are thriving for best solutions to get more organic traffic on your website, right?

Most of the new bloggers do not understand how the search engine works. And it is imperative to know because no matter how good is your content publishing it without the right SEO strategy it is hard to rank it on a search engine.

There is a free tool called the Google Webmaster Tools. The primary goal of this tool is to help Google bots recognize your website which further leads to better indexing and visibility of your site.

  • Make a responsive and Google-friendly website
  • Deep analysis of the website
  • Critical issues and error fixing

The blogs which are old tends to getter better domain authority. And, the new blog takes the time to get indexed as bots of search engines are not aware of them. Unless you are pinging them on search engine ping tools or updating your blog on a regular basis.

The ultimate benefit!

When you set up your website on Google Webmaster tool, then it will automatically pull you one step near to your goal.

It is the reason; we are going to share here:

So let’s start without any further delay.

Below, we have divided the entire process into three steps – which will be convenient to understand. ( Google Webmaster tool )

Google Console add website
  • Step 1 – First visit the Webmaster Tool. If you have already added a property to it, then it will be displayed automatically. If you have not added any, then click on “Add Property” tab to add one.
  • Step 2 – In Google webmaster tools (which is now known as Google search console ) let you add both a website and the Android App. Here, you need to select the right one. Enter the web address also then press “Enter” tab.
  • Step 3 – The next step is to verify the property, which you just added. This step is important to perform as Google wants to verify the ownership of the attached property.

Now, there are Five different ways to verify your site on Google Webmasters Tools don't waste time to learn all type of verification just i am writing most recommended one  below.

#Add a Meta Tag to Header ( Recommended )

If you are BlogSpot user, then it is the best approach for you.

All you are need is to copy the meta tags Google provide and paste them just before </head> or header tag.

  • Note – If you are WordPress user then paste the tags inside header.php.

Remember, you have to perform this step every time theme of the blog is changed.

# Upload the HTML file (most recommended)

Here, you are required to upload the HTML file on the root server with the unique name. For the same, you need the FTP client or built-in file manager in your C-panel.

#Use the Yoast WordPress plugin ( Download )

This method applies to WordPress users only.

After adding your site to Search console, go to alternate method and select HTML tag option. Copy the unique characters displayed there.

Now, log in to your dashboard of the website and go to SEO> Dashboard> Webmaster Tools. You will see the Google search console. Here, copy the text and save the changes.

google console verification

Again, on Webmaster Tools page go to the verification page. Click on Verify tab.

Kudos! You are done.

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