Malware: Symptoms and Threats
Anytime you get online, your computer/mobile device is susceptible to different types of e-nuisances including viruses, annoying pop-ups and other types of malware. Therefore, accessing the Internet without proper security software installed on your PC is akin to committing e-suicide. Computer security is vital both for at-home use and especially for corporate networks. Join me… (0 comment)

WordPress Vs Blogger, Which is better place to start a free blog?
There are numerous blogging platforms but only there are two who have win everyone’s heart because of the innovative features provided by them for absolutely free. Yes, I am talking abut WordPress andBlogger.  There is a huge competition between them. So below are the features of both WordPress and Blogger, now you decide which is the better one?… (1 comment)

8 Top Free Android Apps for Wi-Fi File Sharing
In this article we are going to present a list of 8 best available Apps on Android market for the task of sharing files over Wi-Fi network. This doesn’t mean that you can let other devices to share Wi-Fi network via your phone, but you can share files stored in your smartphone with other windows devices using any Wi-Fi… (0 comment)

Traffic is the most significant idea for any blogger regardless the fact whoever your audience is and wherever you are or anything you blog about. The exponential increase of social media has made it potential for old and new bloggers alike to get their website recognized and rapidly circulated. As a blogger you understand the competition is high so it is important… (0 comment)

Truecaller will help you identify unknown caller’s details
When we have entered in the year of 2014 simultaneously we stepped into a new paradigm of technological advancement where truecaller like applications are designed and used by millions to identify the unknown phone numbers. Everyday an average number of unknown calls we receive is 3 and sometimes this number reached to the figure of 10 or 12. This is quite annoying for most of… (0 comment)

Use High Quality PDF Conversion and Creation Tools for Free
Online PDF conversion and creation tools are popular simply because of the fact that the PDF is an incredibly popular file format. It’s a universal format that looks the same no matter what platform you are viewing it on. It’s also incredibly compact, which makes it a preferred file format for sharing and archiving purposes.… (0 comment)

8 Best URL Shorteners and their Benefits
URL Shortener Tools is one of the most used tools by a large number of people as a regular tool. People use it to convert their long URL to a very short URL. This tool is very helpful in many tasks like you can share your website URL in social networking websites with many of… (0 comment)

How to Save Money While Printing?
If you have a printer in your office that is regularly in use, then there is a good chance that your printing bills are high. However, you should know that by following few tips you could easily reduce you printing costs. Good thing about following printing tips is that it not only gives you efficient… (0 comment)

How to Detect iPhone Spy Software
Using monitoring apps on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular with all sorts of groups of people. From concerned parents, employers that want to boost employee productivity to victims of adultery, it seems everybody has a valid reason to monitor other people’s phones. From call recording, reading text messages, GPS locating and monitoring… (0 comment)